Maximising SEO and Avoiding the Perils of Deleting Old Show Content: Insights and Solutions for Event Websites

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In our extensive experience with event websites, we’ve often encountered the overlooked issue of content deletion from event websites post-event.

This practice, particularly common during updates for upcoming events, neglects the immense SEO value in content like exhibitor profiles, speaker details, and session information.

The SEO Opportunities We’ve Identified

  • Speakers as SEO Assets: We have found that event speakers, often influential figures, are significant SEO assets. Retaining and optimising their profiles allows us to utilise their professional stature to enhance the website’s search engine visibility and attract ongoing traffic.
  • Leveraging Session Content: Our analysis shows that session content is an SEO goldmine. Maintaining this content helps rank for a wide array of industry-relevant keywords, keeping the event’s themes alive and searchable throughout the year.
  • The Value of Exhibitor Profiles: Exhibitor profiles can draw audiences interested in specific products or services. These profiles remain valuable traffic sources even if exhibitors don’t participate in future events.

Integrating Keyword Research

Our approach now includes a more targeted use of keyword research, particularly in arranging session content into valuable topics. By identifying high-traffic keywords and topics, we can organise session content more effectively, ensuring that it aligns with what potential visitors are actively searching for. This method not only enhances the site’s relevance and searchability but also ensures that the content remains valuable and engaging for visitors.

The Risks of Content Deletion We’ve Noticed

Deleting web pages, particularly those with external links, can significantly reduce a site’s domain authority. This loss is a critical SEO concern as it affects both traffic and the site’s ranking capabilities.

Our Approach to 301 Redirects and Low-Value Content

While recognising the need for content removal in some cases, we advocate for a strategic approach involving 301 redirects. This method preserves link equity and domain authority. Additionally, we now incorporate a thorough review of the website’s content to identify and address low-value pages. By evaluating the SEO performance of each page, we ensure that only valuable, high-impact content is retained, preventing any negative impact on the site’s overall SEO health.

Our Strategy for Content Organisation

We advise retaining as much content as possible, categorised by event year. This strategy transforms the website into a rich historical archive, improving both SEO and user experience.

Long-term Website Performance: Our Perspective

We’ve seen that deleting content without a strategic approach can severely affect a website’s long-term search performance. A balanced strategy of content retention and systematic organisation builds a robust online presence and ensures sustained SEO success.

How We Can Help

Our team specialises in transforming event websites into SEO powerhouses. We can assist you in:

  • Optimising SEO for speaker profiles and session content through targeted keyword research.
  • Categorising past event content for enhanced searchability and accessibility.
  • Implementing effective 301 redirect strategies and reviewing the site for low-value content.
  • Advising on content retention and archival methods to maximise SEO benefits.

With our help, your event website can transition from an event-centric approach to a comprehensive, SEO-focused content strategy. This change not only boosts your website’s visibility but also establishes it as a premier industry resource with enduring benefits.

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