Data Insights and Analytics

Data plays a critical role in website marketing, providing a clear understanding of user behavior and preferences. This knowledge allows for tailored marketing strategies that enhance user engagement, boost conversions, and drive the success of your events and conferences.

Data insights and analytics are vital for event website marketing. They reveal audience behaviour and preferences, enabling customised strategies. Metrics like traffic, bounce rate, and conversions help optimise promotions, driving engagement and ROI.


We can help you to get the data you need at your fingertips, in the format you need, when you need it!

Analytics & Tracking Set-Up

We offer comprehensive Google Analytics 4 setup for your website, ensuring the capture of all essential data. Our team implements robust tracking to monitor user behaviour, engagement, and conversion metrics, enabling data-driven marketing strategies.


We offer streamlined data dashboards that consolidate metrics from GA4, Google AdWords, and many other platforms. These dashboards simplify marketing decisions by providing real-time insights, facilitating efficient strategy optimisation and boosting ROI.

Analytics and Tracking

Helping you harness the power of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on your website and associated registration platforms, ensuring all valuable data is accurately tracked.

Starting with a deep understanding of your site's objectives and audience, we customise GA4 for optimal effectiveness. Our team will set up specific event tracking, aligns GA4 with Google Ads and your other channels, defining conversion goals based on your needs.

This will enables a comprehensive understanding of user behaviour, traffic sources, demographics, and conversion paths, essential for tailoring your marketing strategy and improving user experience.

Data Dashboards

Our bespoke data dashboards integrate a wealth of information from diverse sources, including Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google AdWords, and many other key marketing platforms, providing a comprehensive view of your marketing performance.

Designed to simplify your decision-making process by centralising all your data in one user-friendly interface.

The dashboards consolidate a range of essential metrics such as traffic sources, user behaviour, conversion rates, and campaign performance, allowing for a real-time overview of your strategies' effectiveness.

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